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About Us

Government registered center for fetal ultrasound.

The tests performed at our centre include – Amniocentesis, Chorionic Villus Biopsy, Amniocentesis.

Evaluate your baby’s growth by finding how your baby progressing months before delivery. A fetal ultrasound determines how your pregnancy is progressing.


We perform fetal ultrasound in early, mid and late stage of pregnancy. By conducting invasive diagnostics tests for detecting genetic abnormalities in the unborn child.

Monitor your baby’s health during the first trimester and also during second trimester between 18 and 20 weeks.


Ultrasound & Fetal Medicine Services
  • Assessment of fetus growth

  • Find tubal ectopic pregnancy

  • Confirm baby’s gestational age

  • Track baby’s growth & due date

  • Check incase of multiple pregnancy

  • Check baby’s breathing, heart rate & movement

  • Check amniotic fluid levels & placenta

  • Check condition of fetus for abnormalities & birth defects

  • Evaluation if you are having complications

  • Check position before delivery


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